Photo by Abby Norman

 Alex Wilder is a songwriter, producer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist from Maine, currently based in Nashville, TN. Alex writes and produces songs that use spoken stories as their basis with Documentary Songwriters. He also performs freelance work. Alex's work can be heard on recordings from Elsie Gawler, the Push Farther Project, Oshima Brothers, and others. He has recorded for Bay Chamber Concerts and Oberlin Conservatory.

Malcolm Brooks

Documentary songwriter, Peabody Award-winning composer


“Alex has the highest standards of anyone I know. And the perseverance to reach them.”

Nate Martin

Bassist, teacher, Co-Artistic Director of Palaver Strings


“Alex Wilder's expertise is born of a pure and modest curiosity. He takes joy in the journey, whether he is taking his own first steps, or helping another down a path he knows well. He is a knowledgeable guide, and an excellent companion."

Chloë Isis

Recording artist, documentary songwriter


“I love working with Alex. He helps me find different ways to use my voice and shape the sound according to the song. He adjusts the pace to what I need and senses when I need a break. I’m happy with the results every time.”