Alex works with singer-songwriters, vocalists, and instrumentalists of many genres to create studio-quality arrangements and recordings that deepen and reinforce the existing strengths of the material.

“I love working with Alex. He helps me find different ways to use my voice and shape the sound according to the song. He adjusts the pace to what I need and senses when I need a break. I’m happy with the results every time.”

Chloë Isis

Recording artist and

documentary songwriter

Necklace - Chloë Isis
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As a songwriter, Alex believes in creating intimate, emotionally authentic songs through a collaborative process called documentary songwriting. Documentary songs use people's spoken words as a starting point for a shared writing experience. By combining the principles of documentary songwriting with pop music theory, Alex strives to create music that is both easily accessible and deeply meaningful. 

“I have no doubt that Alex is a master in the making at this documentary songwriting and production process. I think that you've gotta catch him while you still can because this is going to take off, truly. It’s so good for folks, and also productive in a way that is going to take music to the next level. There’s no limit for how far this can go, because there’s no limit for how far Alex can take this. So take advantage of this while you can, without a doubt.”

Khalid Taylor

Performing artist and vocalist


A firm believer in the power of collaboration, Alex is passionate about providing new perspective to veteran songwriters, producers, and audio engineers, as well as a starting point for fledgling musical creatives. Alex offers everything from one-on-one sessions to 50-seat workshops and lectures.

“Alex Wilder's expertise is born of a pure and modest curiosity. He takes joy in the journey, whether he is taking his own first steps, or helping another down a path he knows well. He is a knowledgeable guide, and an excellent companion.


"As a musician, he is meticulous and heartfelt. As a producer, his wizardly knowledge is matched only by his uplifting spirit, and his kind, patient, and careful explanations of what is possible, what is classy, and what feels good in his heart.”

Nate Martin

Bassist, teacher, Co-Artistic

Director of Palaver Strings